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Bhavya Bharuch

Neelkantheshwar Mahadev's temple

I n Bharuch, Neelkantheshwar Mahadev's temple situated on the banks of river Narmada is center of attraction (devotion ) for people living in Bharuch.

Near this temple there is another temple containing the vast idol of lord Hanumanji. Such facility is also done so that person can reach the banks of Mahadev, devotees can avail the benefit of “Darshan” of Narmada ‘Maiya’. In month of Shravan special religious programmes are organized here.


A holy saint by the name of Shri Yogiraj Yagnikji traveled to Africa, Zambia, Nairobi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, England, USA, Canada and many other places to advance Hindu religion. During the course of his parikrama of the holy river Narmada, he stopped at a village called Zadeshwar to rest under the pipal tree. He liked the place and forecasted to open an institution for the enrichment of Hindu religion. He continued his parikrama and stopped at Bharuch for seven days to perform a Saptah (seven days Katha). He translated Sanskrit shlokas in plain English and Gujarati languages for general audience. During this time, he visited Zadeshwar and had identified “Panch Pipdi” a suitable place to open an institution that fosters Hinduism. In 1979, he opened an institution named “ Parmananda Parnakutir”. Before he could further develop this institution, he passed away on November 5, 1980. Shri Yagnikji’s dream lingered unfulfilled. People remember Shri Yogiraj Yagnikji as “The Forecaster of Nikantheshwar”.

Few years later, a saint heard about Shri Yagnikji and his views to enhance Hinduism. This saint did not have a name but was called Shri Savliwala Bapji. He decided to fulfill Shri Yagnikji’s dream and created Nilkantheshwar. Shri Bapji died on September 7, 1991. People remember Shri Savliwala Bapji as “The Creator of Nilkantheshwar”.

Later on, a trust was organized for the management of Nilkantheshwar. The first president of the trust was Late Amritbhai Patel of Satum (Navsari). Then, Late Dahyabhai Patel of Damni (Bardoli) assumed the responsibility as the president. Today, the trust is headed by Shantaben Patel (wife of Amritbhai Patel) and includes eleven other members under the leadership of saint Jagdishgiriji. The trust organizes many religious activities and other activities like health fair and health camps.


1. Guest House for pilgrims

2. Self serve Kitchen (capacity - up to 2000)

3. Community Hall (capacity - up to 500

4. Community Hall (capacity - up to 500)

5. Health

6. Meditation Hall

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(Trust Regd. No. E-1289 Bharuch)

At: Nilkantheshwar, Near Sardar Bridge

Post: Zadeshwar (pin 392011)

Dist: Bharuch

Gujarat, India

Phone + (02642) 231490