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Bhavya Bharuch

Bhrigu rishi Ashram

B haruch is famous for two things. First one it is the end place of Narmada river and second one is, Bhrigu rishi ashram present in this town. Bhrigu Rishi is one of the Saptarshis. He is son of Lord Brahma, a devotee of Lord Shiva, father of Lakshmi mata. Once he tested Trimurtis and cursed them for their mistakes. He is one of the Prajapatis. He is father of Jmadagni maharshi, Shukracharya, Chavana maharshi and grandfather of Parasurama. Because of this ashram, this place was previously called as Bhrigu kaksha, later transformed as Bharuch. Here Bhrigu maharishi told Ganesha purana to Somakanta maharaj.

Bhrigu Rushi temple is a small temple, that was recently repaired. The temple was divided into two parts. In first part, we can see Bhrigu rishi, Jamadagni maharishi, Renuka mata and Parasurama, Lord Ganesh idols. These idols are newly carved idols. In Second part, which is main part of temple, we can see two portions.

In one portion we can see Lord Narayana idol, Four vedas in the form of Shiva lingas, and some other idols of Dashavataras. In the second portion we can see Jwaleshwar mahadev, who was worshiped by Bhrigu maharishi. Ganesh, Hanuman, Lord Narayan and Lakshmi mata, Vallabhacharya are also present in this room. Lord Saniswara present in the center of out side campus.

Near to this place we can see Lord Narayana temple and Narmada mata temple.

How to Reach at Bhrigu rishi Ashram?

Bharuch is well connected by Road, Railway, Air routes.

Nearest Bus Stand is in Bharuch, Nearest Railway station is in Bharuch, and Nearest Airport is in Surat.

Brigu Rishi temple is present near Narmada river. From Railway station we have to travel in Auto to reach Brigu rishi temple. It takes 10 to 15 minutes time.